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Hello and WELCOME to the homepage of 2LD/PI, special activation from Pelican Island (IOTA NA-111), New Jersey. This island will be active from approximately January 28, 2002 until 500 progressive numbers are given. I will try to be active on 27.720 +/- 5kc if there is QRM. I will also call on 27.555 with the current operating frequency. For non-Lima Delta members, you must send the standard contribution for the QSL card. 

The QSM is 1LD042, Mr Paolo. His address is PO Box 2, 25017 Lonato BS, Italy

Pelican Island is located in Maidenhead Gridsquare FM29, Longitude -74.08770 and Latitude is 39.94182.

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Here's some maps of the island. The first is an overview of New Jersey, the second is a closer view of the island, with my home QTH and the island shown. The third is a closer view of Pelican Island.

My Operating Conditions

Mirage RCI-2950 Radio AM/SSB/FM/CW modes, hooked up to a 5/8 vertical antenna on my car. Output power about 30 watts. Here's some pictures from Pelican Island. The first three are of my car, parked near the water. The third picture shows the mailbox of one of the residents on Pelican Island - a Pelican mailbox... the last picture is Toms River (my home QTH) as seen from Pelican Island. You can see the bridge that connects the mainland with the island.